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Who Is A Candidate?

The vast majority of men and women.

The vast majority of men and women with hair loss can enjoy the benefits of hair transplants. If you are in the early stages of hair loss, we can see to it that you never become bald, even while you conceal the fact that you are taking steps to avoid that destiny.

If your baldness is advanced, we can use modern techniques to eliminate your baldness. Even those with a broad bald area or a very thin remaining fringe of hair can acquire very satisfactory results.


Modern methods allow us to treat hair loss in a very natural way that can be undetectable to others.

Success is achieved in all stages of hair loss, ranging from the early years — with thinning restricted to just the temples at the front or to the crown at the back of the head — to advanced stages when only a fringe of hair remains.

Hair transplant after 6 months, 1,841 follicular units


With the new modern technique of follicular unit transplantation, which results in a completely natural appearance, women can acquire beautiful results.

Women who have thinned hair over their entire scalp are not considered good candidates unless they seek to thicken only a small area to improve hair styling.

The following situations in women can be successfully improved or corrected because hair loss occurs in relatively localized areas:

Loss of sideburns from face lift surgery


The techniques, procedures, and indications for hair transplantation are no different for ethnic hair than for anybody else’s. The only reason for discussing this separately is that in the past, we often discouraged hair transplantation in this population because of the difficulty in obtaining viable grafts from the donor area. When we used larger grafts, it was very difficult to remove the typically curved hair follicle without risking damage to it.

The modern, advanced technology of follicular unit transplantation has revolutionized hair transplantation in ethnic people. (Dr. Tessler was featured in a cover story in the Mind and Body section of The Detroit Free Press regarding this topic).

Now we can separate these small, individual groups of curved hair follicles using a microscope. Then we transplant them close together into very small openings in the bald or thinning areas. The result is a much better, thicker hairline, often achieved in only one procedure.

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