Schedule your consultation today to see if you are a candidate.




Schedule your consultation today to see if you are a candidate.




Schedule your consultation today to see if you are a candidate.


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At Drs. Berry, Tessler & Aronovitz, we have been performing successful hair replacement procedures since 1974. The enlightenment gained from this experience has contributed to our expertise in how to achieve satisfactory lifelong solutions.

We have helped thousands of patients, both men and women from their late teens to their early 80’s, permanently restore their hair. Our experience and expertise mean we can reliably help you determine what is best for you.  Collaboratively, Dr. Berry and Dr. Aronovitz have created one of the most experienced and dedicated hair loss centers in America.

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Utilizing the ARTAS 9x robot, Dr. Berry, one of the most experienced doctors in the areas of medical and surgical treatment for hair loss, is one of the few exclusive providers of this greatest in hair restoration technology.  Dr. Berry configures the  robot for each individual patient based on their scalp, hair, wants and needs.  With  its artificial intelligence and advanced digital imaging and scanning, this robotic technology offers simplified site making, minimal donor wounds and microscopic precision, thereby providing the most optimal hair restoration and all-over natural look.

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The science of hair transplant surgery has progressed light-years from the early days of large grafts that often produced an unnatural, conspicuous appearance. Thanks to the development of innovative techniques and advanced instrumentation, the results today are remarkably natural. Even our patients who comb their hair back remain confident that their new hairlines look perfectly natural.

Success Stories

“I didn’t have this much hair or thickness when I was in high school.”

– Gary Cochran

“The clinching recommendation came from the University of Michigan Dermatology clinic. ‘Tessler’s the man you want,’ the three physicians at the U of M clinic concurred.”

– Robert W. Donahue

“I had no idea that hair-transplant surgery could be so easy.”

– John Phillips

Our Staff

Our surgical staff is a blend of Registered Nurses and Medical Assistants. Our hair transplant technicians have over 35 years combined experience.

Drs. Berry, Tessler & Aronovitz subscribe to  a strict code of medicoethical standards in the performance of hair replacement surgery.

Each patient is evaluated and counseled by Dr. Ali Berry or Dr. Leonard Aronovitz. This evaluation is always free of charge with no obligation to the inquirer.

Dr. Ali Berry

Dr. Leonard Aronovitz

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Thank you for visiting our website. We would like to hear from you! Contact us with your comments or questions or to request a complimentary consultation by simply filling out the form or calling us at the phone number listed below.

(248) 353-1117

50505 Schoenherr Road, Suite 325
Shelby Twp., MI  48315

285 N. Lilley Road
Canton, MI  48187

The Shelby Twp office is for consultations and procedures,
Our Canton office offers consultations only.


Our Shelby Twp. office is located in the Shelby Macomb Medical Mall on the west side of Schoenherr Road just south of 23 Mile Road.

Our Canton office is located on the northwest corner of Lilley and Cherry Hill near the KinderCare.

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