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the following are common terms used in the practice of hair restoration

Follicle, or hair follicle a structure in the skin that is the growth center and produces a single hair

Follicular unit a natural occurring structure in the skin that contains from one to four hair follicles and an oil gland

Follicular unit extraction a method of removing follicular units from the skin (most commonly from the scalp) one unit at a time (See details.)

Follicular unit grafting a surgical method utilizing stereoscopic microscopes to separate follicular units from the skin for use in hair transplantation. It is the gold standard in hair transplantation today (See details.)

Graft a general term in hair transplant surgery to describe a small piece of skin containing hair follicles; it may contain a single hair follicle, a single follicular unit (1-4 hair follicles), or many follicular units

Mega-session a hair transplant procedure involving the transplanting of at least 2000 follicular units during one surgery

Micro-graft a graft containing one hair follicle

Mini-graft a graft containing many follicular units; not cut with the use of a microscope these may result in a much less natural appearance

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