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Since 1974, Tessler & Aronovitz, P.C.  has striven toward exceptional quality, service, innovation and progress in the field of hair restoration. From national medical conferences to international symposia which examine the latest hair transplant methods, we continually refine our technique. Tessler & Aronovitz, now Drs. Berry, Tessler & Aronovitz, is acknowledged for creating and maintaining an international standard of excellence. The continual process of education and refinement for our highly-trained team is a guarantee of the top performance required for the success of this treatment.

In this section we have compiled up-close images so you can see the natural hairlines which have been created, client letters (with photos), and comments from surgery patients and patients we’ve seen in consultation. In addition, “Before & After” success stories are placed throughout the site.

Client Comments

Feedback received from patients who had a hair transplant procedure:

Everyone in the office was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Berry took time to answer all my questions thoroughly. After returning home, some other questions arose and he returned my call immediately and addressed them as well. Overall change to my hairline and hair density has been excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Berry and all of his staff.

B.A., age 52

Everything was great. I thought the staff was courteous and very professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your office to others considering the procedure.

M.P., age 42

It’s nice to go to a place where everyone is professional and listens to your needs.

S.H., age 64

Everyone did their best to make sure I was comfortable. I felt like I was the only patient they had to worry about that day.

M.D., age 41

Dr. Berry was fantastic and skilled.  His staff was wonderful and couldn’t have been more accommodating throughout the entire process.

B.G., age 55

I’m very pleased with all aspects of my visit – you and everyone that I met on your staff made me feel that I will be pleased with the results of my surgery and that I won’t have any surprises.

D.C., age 38

Everything was first rate. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Staff was first rate.

S.Q., age 50

I cannot think of any improvements. Your office is extremely customer focused. I enjoyed the experience and I am looking forward to my next procedure.

D.M., age 45

Thank you for your time. No problem was found. Dr. Aronovitz was very assuring and helpful in answering any questions I had. I would chose your office again, very professional, and thanks again.

R.W., age 61

Overall, I found the entire staff to be very professional. I would highly recommend your office to anyone. Thanks for your help.

M.G., age 46

The staff did an excellent job of putting the patient at ease. I enjoyed conversing with the entire staff.

S.F., age 33

Getting a hair transplant was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The procedure was easy and the atmosphere was professional. I would highly recommend your office to anyone.

E.J., age 63

As a patient of Dr. Berry and having several procedures by him, I have been more than pleased with the results I have had. The hair restoration was one of the best choices for me. With Dr. Berry’s know-how and knowledge I was able to make the choices that were right for me.

C.M. , age 70

Staff was fantastic!

E.B. , age 37

It went so smooth I could have gone through it the next day again. Nothing I could offer could be any better than it was.

F.L., age 40

Very complete review of my situation, options and prognosis. I have chosen your services over those of the competition!

J.C., age 45

You are super kind people; I appreciate what you have done for me.

M.A., age 29

Feedback received from patients after their complimentary consultation:

Everyone that I met seemed very genuine. Your office gained my trust very quickly.

T.W., age 32

Your staff was excellent.

R.G., age 69

Dr. Aronovitz was first rate all the way. Very impressed by the whole office. Have no doubt you are a first class outfit.

J.D., age 41

Your costs for the procedure are very reasonable. I didn’t feel pressured to make a decision immediately.

D.A., age 44

I was very impressed with your personality. You seemed to be very honest and genuinely concerned about my hair loss problem.

G.C., age 44

Client Letters

"I didn't have this much hair or thickness when I was in high school."
4108 W. Maple Road
Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48301
626-2630 . 626-2631
Fax 626-7965

Dr. Martin Tessler
26400 West 12 Mile Road, Suite 150
Southfield, MI 48034

Dear Marty,
What else can I say but “THANKS”! As you know, I had a severe case of “typical male pattern baldness”.

Well, the results are incredible. I didn’t have this much hair or thickness when I was in high school. I look at pictures of myself four years ago and it’s even hard for me to believe “that was me”.

Please feel free to use my personal endorsement anytime, or better yet, send anyone over to the restaurant and let me show them personally what you did for me. It would be a pleasure to recommend you and your staff.


Gary Cochran

"The clinching recommendation came from the University of Michigan Dermatology clinic. 'Tessler's the man you want,' the three physicians at the U of M clinic concurred."
Dr. Martin E. Tessler, M.D.
26400 W. Twelve Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48034

Dear Dr. Tessler and Staff,

The results of the superb hair transplant you did for me are beyond any of my expectations. You and your caring staff must get tremendous satisfaction from the success you achieve, and the happiness you bring to your patients. I thank you for making a dream come true.

At 38, my head and bank account were ready. I read articles and books, viewed tapes and began interviewing at clinics and with physicians. After much research, your name came up several times. The clinching recommendation came from the University of Michigan Dermatology clinic. “Tessler’s the man you want,” the three physicians at the U of M clinic concurred.

The four procedures I underwent were fascinating. I admire the intense concentration, precise surgical execution and teamwork during the operations. And discomfort and inconvenience during and immediately after the procedures was minimal.

The results after 18 months: I don’t look good; according to my friends and family, I look great.

And then there was the woman at the singles bar who I just finished dancing with who, in the course of small talk, volunteered “bald men aren’t attractive. I won’t dance with one if he asks me.” I couldn’t resist revealing to her that once upon a time, I was bald . . . and then just walking away.

A couple of weeks ago, my barber revealed how difficult it used to be to “artistically stretch the precious strands from the back and side of my head and varnish them down with hairspray to cover my bare pate.” We both had a good laugh as he gave me my first real haircut in more than 22 years – no cover ups, stunts or tricks. Just a full head of natural hair to cut and style.

I carry a comb in my pocket for the first time in many years. It’s an incredible pleasure to run it through the mane that now occupies the once deserted top of my head.

And today when I look in the mirror, I can’t imagine myself any other way. Thanks again for doing what you do so expertly.


Robert Donahue

"I had no idea that hair-transplant surgery could be so easy."
Dr. Martin E. Tessler, M.D.
26400 W. Twelve Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48034

Dear Dr. Tessler,

As I mentioned yesterday, I want to commend you and your staff for delivering exactly what was promised; a pain-free procedure conducted under the most hospitable, professional standards imaginable. I was happily surprised to discover that, during both of my surgeries, I was able to conduct an entertaining conversation with you at all times; that I was “out of commission” for one day only and back to work the next; and that my tranplants had healed and were virtually invisible within ten days.

I had no idea that hair-transplant surgery could be so easy.

All the best to you and your staff,

John Phillips
Executive Editor, Car and Driver Magazine


Transplanting hair into scars

Traditionally, people have been told that hair will not grow in scars. Although scars usually have a reduced blood supply, we have found that in most situations hair will grow quite well. With the use of follicular unit grafting, we have been successful in significantly improving the appearance of scarred areas.

This man had a thinned, scarred scalp from an old injury.

This man had a skin graft in the back of the neck. The scarred areas would show when the wind blew his hair.

This 33 year old woman had a thin stretched scalp from multiple medically necessary surgeries. She is seen here after two surgeries that rebuilt her hairline.

An industrial injury to the back of this 26-year old woman’s scalp left a large scar. Grafts were placed into the scar to greatly improve the appearance.

This woman had a very visible scar following a forehead lift. Grafting into the scar greatly improved her ability to hide (cover) the scar.

This young woman lost part of her eyebrow from an accident. This natural restoration was accomplished in one procedure.

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