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Which one is better for me, the FUE or FUT?

There are many factors to a hair transplant. During your evaluation, our doctors will be able to determine which procedure would be best for you.

Does it hurt?

After the minor discomfort of a local anesthesia, there is essentially no pain during the surgery. We have found that most of our patients require nothing stronger than mild pain medication the evening of surgery. Prescription medications are provided to meet individual needs. Some minimal soreness may persist in the donor area for several days.

How many grafts will I need?

The number of grafts is determined by the size of the area to be transplanted and the desired thickness.

How long does it take for the scalp to heal?

The recipient area forms small scabs within a few days following the procedure.  These normally fall off approximately 8-10 days post op.

What will the donor area look like after the surgery?

With an FUT procedure, the surrounding hair completely and easily covers the donor site.

What will the donor area look like after the surgery?

With an FUT procedure, the surrounding hair completely and easily covers the donor site.

With an FUE procedure, the redness begins fading within a few days.  As your native hair begins to grow out, it becomes almost impossible to see the donor area.

How long before I can resume normal activities?

If your job is not strenuous, you can return to work the next day. Most normal activities can be resumed within four to seven days, depending upon the type of procedure you undergo. Your activities will be discuessed and a healthful timetable will be established following the procedure.

With the FUT procedure, how long do the stitches stay in?

Approximately 10-14 days.

When does the transplanted hair begin growing?

The transplanted hair goes into a “resting stage” following surgery. It begins growing 16 – 20 weeks following surgery and grows about one inch every 2-1/2 months  (in some individuals the hair begins growing sooner).

Can I get it done all at one time?

Depending on your goal, it can. A single procedure consisting of a large number of grafts satisfies some patients. But those wanting more dense coverage, or coverage over a large area, generally require more than one procedure.

Can I have an FUE after I've already had an FUT?

In most cases, yes. The donor hair surrounding the scar is left alone to avoid thinning that area and potentially causing the FUT scar to become more visible.

Will my transplanted hair require any special care?

No. It can be cut, colored or permed just like the rest of your hair.

Can everyone benefit from hair restoration surgery?

This determination, in any specific case, is best made during a consultation. Generally, if you are in good health and have an adequate donor area, then you can expect to benefit.

Does PRP restore my hair?

PRP helps existing hair by acting as a “fertilizer” causing fine hairs to thicken, thereby adding density. PRP can be done on its own or in conjunction with either the FUE or the FUT procedure.

Can I wear a hairpiece after the surgery?

Yes, as long as it can be easily removed, is well-ventilated and the scalp can be kept clean.

What is your patient privacy policy?

Our practice is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of your Private Health Information (PHI).   You can view our policy by clicking here:  HIPAA Privacy Practice

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